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Our Specialty Trips are 100% Individualized

They are perfect for businesses, treatment centers, schools, family bonding and retreats/personal growth trips.


The Purpose:

To cultivate community, connection and a sense of belonging

To expand communication and interpersonal skills

to explore personal interests, passions and resources

To create opportunities for taking healthy risks and being vulnerable in a safe environment with support and structure.

To develop personal and peer leadership

To reconnect with the power of wilderness

"It made me realize that trip wasn't the hiking, the volunteering, or even the soak in the hot springs but to enjoy the feelings of camaraderie from a group that understands your problems" - R

Trips we have done...

Mission Wolf & Sand Dunes

Bandelier National Park & Ojo Caliente Mineral Spring

Sand Diego Surf and Camp

Backpacking Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado Winter Yurt Trip

New Years in Estes Park

Mother Son Trips

Father Daughter Trips

Have a dream trip? Tell us about it and let us create it for you!


  • In depth attention and support

  • Positive and healthy experience during key times (New Years, Spring Break, Summer Vacation, Fall Break)

  • Provides space to gain perspective and evaluate life

  • Formation of meaningful relationships

  • Builds a sense of competence and pride

  • Group and individual therapeutic support

Process and Logistics:

Everyone is highly encouraged and welcomed on all trips, no prior experience necessary.

The Koru Foundation will provide all needed communication about trips and we will assist with helping people to appropriately pack, plan and prepare for trips.

Costs of trips vary and we keep costs down. Due to years of experience and community connections, our trips average 1/2 the price of what a retail trip like this would cost.

All technical gear, food, transportation and lodging are included.

"This experience changed my life!! - B

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