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Our mentors will also lead students in community service projects to help them connect to their community, fulfill community service hours and gain vocational skills. As rewards for ongoing participation and growth we will offer various outdoor recreation incentives including sport climbing, rafting/kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, camping and much more!


Our hope is to provide positive role models and confidence building experiences to support our students in having fun in healthy ways while building a stronger foundation for their futures!



We are an accredited 501(c)3 non-profit mentoring and outreach program for adolescents in Boulder and surrounding areas. We support students with personal struggles while also providing fun outdoor recreational activities and community service projects.


We run organized trips in the summers to get students interested, engaged and help them gain valuable experiences to brighten their futures. Once we have an established group, we will provide weekly meetings where our mentors will accompany our students to local rock climbing gyms, YMCA's, Libraries and or Open Space Trails.



We want our students to be a large part of making the Koru Foundation their program! We


want to be an avenue for you to follow your own dreams, so dream big!

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