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Thanks for Your Help!


  • Huge thanks to Kelty, Sierra Designs and Slumberjack for our gear donations this year.


  • Thanks to Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides for your donated rock climbing trip 6/27/15. It was a great success!


  • Thanks to Microbreweries for the Environment for supporting us in 2012.


  • Thanks to Jim Welsh for donating our opening Costa Rica giveaway fundraiser.


  • Thanks to all of the people who have donated along the way.


Upcoming Fundraisers

Live music, silent gear auction Fundraiser coming this Winter!


Daddy Daughter Day Rock Climbing Trip Fundraiser coming May 2019

Specialty Trips are customized to your desires!

Retreats, team building, personal growth, family bonding, adventures for treatment center clients and more!




​Summer 2015 & 2016, 2017 Success!


Koru Foundation is Climbing to

New Heights.



        Winter/Spring Trips


Skiing & Snowboarding

Rock climbing

Summer Trips


Rock Climbing


Mission Wolf Great Sand Dunes Camping

Mountain Biking


Specialty Trips

              Our Mission


Mentoring for New Beginnings through Adventure and Reflection

Our Vision


The Koru Foundation recognizes the potential that all youth have in their communities. Through service work, recreation and mentoring, we help youth develop confidence, communication and relationship skills to build a better future!


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